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3 Document Security Pitfalls That Even Experts Ignore

Now almost all self-respecting enterprises are abandoning paper workflow, replacing it with a more modern one.

A digital document is the most relevant form of existence of all modern files containing a huge amount of the most important information, Value Pal Nation is happy to share this with you.

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What is a digital document?

Digital document is a document, which is created, agreed upon, signed and transmitted to the recipient in electronic format.

However, today, in most companies, the document is printed, certified by hand, and handed over to the addressee in paper form.

After that, the addressee, who received the document, scans it, thus converting it back into electronic form, and loads it into the information system. In this case, only the original, signed by hand, has legal significance. The scanned document is not legitimate.

The main advantage

The main cons of electronic documentation is that it allows you to work quickly and efficiently.

It is easy to sign materials in this format, even if all those who need to endorse them are far from each other.

Due to this, it is possible to save a huge amount of money and effort. Among other things, the presence of an electronic archive avoids the need to contain a huge number of documents in an organization. 

For storage of the accumulating papers, you will need to allocate an appropriate area on the territory of the enterprise, as well as hire a highly qualified archivist who will be able to quickly understand the available materials.

To store an electronic archive, you only need compact removable media or a few hard drives. 

It is worth noting that the most convenient way to store digital documents is virtual data room italia, in the United States, in Great Britain and any other countries.

3 Digital Document Security Pitfalls

No one would argue that all online services are fragile, and if we make even one minor mistake, it could be a big disaster.

So, now we will consider the main mistakes that should not be made for the success and safety of your business.

  • Unlocked filing offices

The main, fundamental rule of document security is to keep physical documents securely locked.

Perhaps, on the one hand, it seems completely unnecessary. But in the event of an Internet failure or a hacker attack, all digital documents can disappear “once and for all” and cannot be recovered, and thanks to the presence of paper documents, you can recover them.

Remember, you must not compromise the full functioning of their organizations.

Therefore, you should not allow anyone outside the company to enter the filing cabinet of their own accord. 

  • Printing documents without discretion

If a company has multiple open printers installed that everyone has access to, then a potential security issue can arise.

Therefore, you should create a special system for managing documents and their preparation for printing in order to minimize any security breaches. 

  • You give access to everyone

 In all fairness, it’s rare enough that security professionals ever warn clients to be as careful as possible when sharing sensitive, sensitive files.

Therefore, no doubt, only certain employees need to regularly use business documents. But if you let everyone control everything, you will have to face serious computer security problems.

For this, some restrictions should be introduced.For example, a website does not need 10 administrators at all, it is necessary to assign literally one or two controllers who will manage the content.

By the way, this applies to both digital and paper documents.



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