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When you attract a group of investors to your company and you want to convince them to invest in your business, this becomes a very important step in your activities. For qualified investors, not only the idea for the startup itself is very important, but also the way you present your company material. The best way to make a good impression on investors is a virtual data room, and in this article we will tell what it should contain and which provider is best suited for working with investors.

Basic documents for working with investors

The main task for the company is to provide investors with all the necessary documents about its activities, transparently and securely. Virtual Data Room is a platform that can provide you with all this. With its help it is possible to negotiate and exchange important and valuable documents in a secure environment, which perfectly establishes trust between the two parties. 

Below we will tell you about all the documents you should include in your VDR for investors to view: 

  • Legal information to show the legality of the organization
  • Business plans
  • Financial documents including profit and loss statements
  • Board of Directors meeting information
  • Tax documents
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sales strategy and sales funnel
  • Employee data
  • Investments in technology and additional commitments 

These are the basic documents that have to be checked by investors, but it is also important to remember that some documents may be unnecessary. Additional documents take investors’ time and will take much longer to analyze. Try to choose only relevant information, as old documents are not useful for investors and will only distract them. Also, don’t forget about the security risks that can happen when you add a large number of documents. 

Additional features you should include in your VDR for due diligence

Other features you should include in your VDR, or as it is called data room virtuelle in french language, during analysis from investors are: 

  • Mechanics 

Your data room should be easy to manage and intuitive. Not only will this help you organize all the necessary documents as quickly as possible, which won’t go unnoticed, but it will also help investors navigate your space faster 

  • Personalized views

Personalized access to documentation is a very important feature in a good VDR. Assign roles to investors during document reviews so that they only have access to data that is relevant to their area of expertise. For example, an investor’s legal counsel does not need information about finances or sales. 

  • Read-only access

Disable all possible document manipulation except for reading, this once again protects you against data leaks 

  • Tracking measures

Closely monitor user activity in the VDR, and apply the necessary measures in case of suspicious activity. 

  • Additional feature 

Investors look at many companies, and you need to try to stand out from the crowd, for example, with an unusual room design. It’s best to choose a vendor that provides UX features

The best solution for an investor information room

On today’s market there are many worthy providers of VDRs, but if you want to buy something that will meet all your needs during the negotiations with investors, pay attention to Caplinked.

Caplinked provides secure, confidential access to documents using encryption methods with excellent document monitoring skills. The provider offers a FileProtect Caplinked feature that allows you to share documents, but at the same time can restrict access to anything once it has been sent.

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