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Why use the best VPN for Android?

Today, privacy and data confidentiality are among the primary concerns of Internet users.

Most websites gather information about the visitors, which means it can be compromised one day.

Another serious problem is blocking access for users from some particular countries.

How to visit your favorite websites and yet stay unnoticed? With the best VPN for Android, your freedom of browsing is not restricted.

Using best Android VPN is essential for those who care about security, so if you install good software right now, you will:

  • Get access to websites that are blocked in your region.
  • Hide your real IP address by replacing it with VPN’s IP.
  • Download torrent files without limits and punishments.
  • Leave information about your browsing sessions neither in the browser nor provider’s logs.

Now it’s high time to observe Top-3 Android VPN softwares brought to you by Value Pal Nation.

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ExpressVPN: the Best VPN for Android phone of any version

No matter what’s your Android installation, ExpressVPN has a suitable software version for it. This is one of the fastest services around (sustains the average speed of 84 Mb/sec), and users praise it for simplicity of use.

Express VPN for Android phone provides a wide range of server locations and gives personalized server recommendations. Besides, it has the most secure VPN protocol.

The only drawback is its price: this premium solution costs over $6/month. Torrenting is allowed.

NordVPN: Fast, easy and non-expensive

Being a top-rated solution, NordVPN also offers a large variety of node locations (over 2,000 servers in 60 countries) together with top-notch privacy protection. Its inbuilt ad-blocker improves user experience, just like easy navigation.

It has the average speed of 74 Mb/sec due to double routing (two VPN networks are used), but it’s a trade-off for the sake of security: not so many providers offer Double VPN

Besides, it costs about $3.29/month only, and a two-year subscription lowers the price to $2.75/month. Torrenting is allowed.


TunnelBear: Slow but convenient

Although it’s far not the fastest VPN out there with its average speed of 51 Mb/sec, TunnelBear is very easy to use. It has mostly positive reviews, and users love the Android application that’s a pleasure to use.

No need to work with coding and program settings – everything is adjusted automatically, you need to select the server location. TunnelBear has an agreeable (though not the cheapest) pricing policy: one month of use is worth $4.16.

How to select a suitable VPN for Android?

To choose a safe and efficient application, you should take into consideration a few critical factors:

  1. How many server locations are provided? The more countries are covered, the better.
  2. Is there a discount for a long-term subscription? Does the vendor offer the money-back guarantee and free trials?
  3. Read unbiased Android VPN reviews to get a better insight into app’s pros and cons.
  4. Is torrenting allowed (in case you need torrents)?
  5. Which security measures are taken? Are logs saved, and which information do they contain?

Ask yourself these questions before signing up for some particular service, and you won’t regret choosing it.



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