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Gazebo Kits-The Ultimate backyard Oasis (mailed in a box)

If you picture yourself lounging in the shade on a nice Wicker couch with white linen curtains flowing around you, the wind blowing through your hair and an iced tea in your hand, then this article is for you.

kids laughing in the pool while you browse your favorite novel in complete comfort…you got it, this article is for you!

What are gazebo kits anyway?

Gazebo kits are a prepackaged kit with pieces that are precisely cut that come with hardware and can be put together with very basic skills. If you compare gazebo kits Vs Gazeboes that are built from scratch…there’s no comparison.

If you build from scratch you need advanced carpentry skills & knowledge and a design that can take a very long time to put together and they cost a ton of money.

The average size of a gazebo kit are between 8 and 14 feet and as small as six feet but can be as long as 30 feet they come in common shapes and sizes, squares, rectangles, hexagons and they come in a variety of heights, let’s break that down some more.

Traditionally styled Kozyard Hardtop Aluminum Gazebo

Let’s start with the Alexander hardtop aluminum gazebo as it seems to be a very popular choice because of its maintenance free aluminum parts as well as its larger size, the one pictured is roughly 12 foot by 20 foot.

Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo

This comes in a dark brown colored rustproof aluminum frame which ends up being really strong and sturdy and there are some triangular aluminum poles which anchored the roof down for those windy days. A lot of these lesser expensive models come with a fabric or a polycarbonate type of roof which as you can imagine doesn’t last very long if you were in a very hot sunny area or an area with lots of snow.

This particular model is extremely durable because it has what’s called APV coated polyester, it comes with mosquito netting and a removable steel railing on all four sides.

It has this unique track system that allows you to add other layers of privacy like a small wall or a double sided wall just in case you have neighbors that want to check you out while you’re laying in your bikini! The galvanized steel roof is strong enough for those snow days when you probably won’t be out there anyway unless you decide to build a fire pit but that’s for another article, the roof is strong and sturdy and is bolted down with simple bolts that only need a couple of basic tools to install one thing you need to do with all these gazebos is to check with your local code requirements to make sure that you don’t need a permit because the kit manufacturers aren’t in charge of what is and is not allowed in your neighborhood.

How Difficult Are Gazebo Kits To Assemble?

If you’ve never put a gazebo together before, fear not it’s not as bad as you might think, you can actually get these done in a day or a weekend depending on how many people are helping.

When we took this particular kit out-of-the-box we noticed that everything was packaged very nicely to ensure that nothing was scratched dented or marked up. I hate when you get stuff in the mail and there’s something wrong with it I think there should be a law against that.

Then we took the pieces out-of-the-box laid it out read the directions and discovered that the instructions were pretty straightforward and easy to follow we went step by step taking the pieces out going from step one to step two from step A to step B and on and on it went, pretty straightforward if you ask me. If you’re looking for a beautiful kit that’s easy to assemble and gives you plenty of coverage then this is the kit for you based off of our experience with building these and putting together a larger 12 foot by 20 foot aluminum I zebo kit that gets mailed to your front door.

If you’re in the market for equality gazebo that you could put up in one weekend then this is potentially the one for you. It’s not flimsy it’s made out of strong high quality materials has a very high end designer look and could have you enjoying your backyard in just a day or two.

Modern Sleek Flat Top Gazeebo Kits

If you don’t like traditional looking gazebo’s maybe you’ll like this modern flat top gazebo kit. The modern lines are straight & precise but the idea is the same, insomuch that it comes in a kit and it’s made with strong durable materials but it has a few cool features that those that love modern design & architecture will want.

PURPLE LEAF Outdoor Louvered Pergola 10′ × 13′ 

The great thing about this purple leaf outdoor louvered pergola, yes you heard me louvered is that it has a different roof system that can be changed for shade or open for maximum sun penetration.

Can sit on a Deck, Patio, Pool Deck or in the Backyard

Let’s talk about this lurid thing for a minute, it works very similar to how the louvers work on your windows, they can be adjusted to let light in or to block off light for maximum comfort and shade.

There’s a little manual knob that you turn and it gives you maximum usage of your space in and how you like it. The louvered hardtop gazebo allows 4 different directions of light or shade and it keeps out the bright light and harmful UV rays.

It’s made of an aluminum alloy frame and roof and it is rust and corrosion resistant and it’s pretty easy to clean with a simple garden hose where does the water go you ask, well, this gazebo has a water gutter design and it’s specially tilted structured to ensure that the water runs off to the side instead of on top of your head.

Louvered Roof Keeps water & sun out!

It does have removable privacy curtains like the other models those are just in case you want a little bit more privacy and you’re in an area where people can catch a peek at you and your favorite bikini. This gazebo’s ideal for private spaces and it’s great also in backyard swimming pools and spa areas as well as beaches and terraces and decks, let the party begin!

It’s easy to assemble and all of the instructions are standardized and simplified and it doesn’t need any special tools. You can erect this modern square sharp design and have it shading you while you sit back and your favorite lazy chair sipping on a mojito in no time at all let’s look at more details.

EROMMY 11'x13' Solid Wood Gazebo

If you’re looking for something a little bit more, let’s say traditional wood-looking then Erommy has a gazebo for you.

This particular model is considered a hardtop gazebo pavilion, it has netted curtains a spruce wood frame and a metal canopy for your patio deck garden or poolside.

Since this kit is a mix of wood and metal it is quite a bit heavier so keep that in mind when you’re choosing which kit best suits your needs.

This wood gazebo is made of spruce which retains the natural wood texture throughout the entire frame, keep in mind that sun rain and snow can change the color and look of the wood over time.

This gazebo has a double roof design and it’s the best way to keep things ventilated and the air circulating when needed it also has curtains which gives you a good level of privacy should you want to enjoy your time inside the gazebo without prying eyes.

It comes with easy to understand instructions which allow you to assemble it in less time and they have a 24 hour hotline to call if you should run into any problems.

Gazeebo Kist Add-Ons

If you’re into creating the perfect atmosphere like we are then there are a few things you might want to add to your wish list that will make you a gazebo comfortable and visually attractive.

One thing that most people don’t think about is the time of day that they’re utilizing their newfound Oasis, here are some ideas.

During the evening hours people love utilizing their gazebos because they are that perfect outdoor space for you to enjoy your time together or alone if you’re like me. One way to make that extra special is by adding some high quality LED outdoor waterproof string lights, yes you know some of those big dangling bulbs that look like they belong in a movie set for a footloose movie?

OK well maybe not movie quality but quality enough to shine a little light on what you’re doing if you’re playing a game of cards or enjoying a glass of wine or just hanging out and enjoying time with your family.

High quality LED dimmable string lights can add that extra panache or possess to your outdoor gazebo check it out.

Gazebo Outdoor Ceiling Fans

 Don’t just look cool but actually be cool, I know that sounds a bit corny but hey as long as you’re going to be living in the lap of luxury you might as well keep adding to the moment.

We’re talking about ceiling fans here, not just any ceiling fans but outdoor ceiling fans, yes they make specific ceiling fans that have sealed motors as well as higher end electrical parts to ensure that things don’t go south on you.

These fans are made extra durable & are a great way to gain more contraol over outdoor temps, BTW they can also help keep the bugs off if you don’t opt for the bug screen.

Gazebo Misting Kit

 I always like to have a little dessert with dinner because I’m just that kind of guy and believe it or not a misting system is dessert for a gazebo.Ramadas-5

What I’m talking about is the ultimate and being able to control your comfort during those hot summer days regardless of where you live in the country. He’s missing kits are very easy to install and connect to your garden hose and you can control the output so just a little bit of mist in the air or a lot of mist in the air depending on what your needs are.

Let me tell you what I have one of these installed in my gazebo next to my pool and it is a lifesaver especially in the hot Florida shade.

Just connect it up you don’t even see the little hoses that run up and around your gazebo trusses turn that bad boy on and you will feel an instant lowering of the ambient air temperature.

Now if you purchase one of the ceiling fans, let me rephrase that outdoor ceiling fans you could utilize the two together to really make the outdoors as comfortable as the indoors.

 We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our article on gazebo kits the ultimate outdoor Oasis. We enjoy putting together premium content for our readers as well as providing advice and tips on things that can make their life better and more enjoyable check back frequently as we are always adding new articles and content, until next time.



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