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Hands-On With Three Full-Metal CasiOak Watches — Watch Out Audemars Piguet Royal Oak!

Since it’s intro in 2019 G-Shocks GA2100 became a popular timepiece with stylish weekend warriors & well-heeled Horologists. I’ll be staight up honest when I say that I feel a little woozy when I compare the look of this watch to the Audemars Piguest Royal Oak Offshore I purchased in rose gold for North of $45K!

Yes, the shape & vibe of this new G was totally five-finger-discounted from A.P, but unbeleiveably, that’s part of the appeal!


What is a Casioak?

Casioak watch isn’t what G-Shock calls the 2100 series stainless steel bracelet watches, it’s watch lovers like you that couldn’t help but notice how similar (totally Copied), this is to the high end brand A.P Roal Oak (Octagonallly- shaped) high-end luxury watch brand.GM-B2100BD-1A

This new model comes with a steel case and bracelet, has a digital display with high-density mounting that keeps this analog/digital combo from feeling like an oddly shaped brick on your wrist. Speaking of brick, that’s also a nickname for an all Gold Royal Oak A.P that consumes a small brick of gold to make the spendy eye-candy. For now let’s call this Frankenstein the G Shock Casioak Watch!


How Does It Differ From Other G-Shock Models?

This metal case G Shock is G’s top of the line timepiece for many reasons, let me make my case (Bad Dad Joke). This is a big watch, the case comes in at a 44″  which is at the top of the size-range for most guys. If you are built like Daniel Faalele you can wear whatever the heck you want!

I’m no size Queen but you don’t want to look like a skinny, pimply-faced kid wearing a home monitoring anklet for a watch, Capiche? Coming in at 165g (light for a 44mm), this cool octagonal bezel bearing Casio looks the part.

Other casio watches have similar features but don’t possess the whole Enchilada like the 2100 series of metal G Shocks.

Does G-Shock Make Other Metal Case and Bracelet Models?

Color ways of the full metal analog digital GM-B2100, silver, black, bronze

You betcha (As we say in MN), there are three distinct colors in the full metal design. The stainless steeel model (my personal favorite), is called Silver GMB2100D, the all-black metal model is GMB2100BD and the rose gold model is GMB2100GD.

All of these come specced with the same features, the only distinguishing feature is the color. Features not found with it’s high-browed stepdad are solar charging & timekeeping with Bluetuth connectivity.

Super illuminated double LED that shows:

  • Full countdown timer

  • Tough Solar Charging

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Auto calendar

  • 7 month battery life, more if you leave it in the sun

How Much Do G Shock Watches Cost?

G-Shock watches start as low as $99 or go as high as $8K…yes eight grand for a frickin Casio G-Shock 40th Anniversary limited edition (MRGB2000GA-1A).

The Casio G Shock (casioak g shock) is the one with the full metal bracelet/case noticible from a distance by it’s iconic octagonal shape. As you can expect, this isn’t the cheapest model, reserve that for the plastic, resin strap digital watches that are on the small side & are made with let’s say simpler material.

At time of writing , this Casio G Shock will run you $550 smackers which in my book is a steal for a watch with this much wrist presence. Allow me to go full out watch-geek-mode for a second so you will understand why people will complement you as if you’re wearing a Rolex Daytona ($50K).

As mentioned….this watch looks a lot like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak which retails in the $20K-$50K range. That said, there are enough people that see the octagonal bezel & instantaniously think it’s an A.P. We’re talking box seats for the price of nose bleeders!

What Features Come Standard?

This premium timepiece comes with a Tiffany Blue, Carbon Fiber octagonal shape face…just kidding…this is a G-Shock! You get a stainless steel band & watch case with some plastic bits. This eye-catcher has a world timer, analog hands, it’s water resistant & you can actually purchase it.

If you don’t know what I mean by “you can purchase it”, I mean you could actually buy it online right now.

You may be saying to yourself, “well can’t I buy those other expensive watches online or in a retail store”? The answer is no, no you can’t and that’s part of the reason why they’re so damn expensive.GM-B2100GD-5A

Rolex, A.P, Patek, all of those high end watches are so expensive because they cannot be bought right off the shelf. Getting a Rolex Daytona will cost you two to three times over MSRP and you will gladly pay it if you can find one for sale.

This all stainless steel G-Shock (casioak watch) with a world time function, stainless steel bracelet with octagonal bezel can be purchased easily online and you can get it by this weekend. You’ll be wearing a watch that some will think is worth way way more than it actually is.

Photos By: Christine Hardcastle
Author: Charlie Hardcastle Wearing A.P Royal Oak Offshore

Which Version Should I Get

They’re so inexpensive you should get one in each color…J.K! Personally I’m already loving-on the stainless steel look, you can dress it up or down & look lime a rich dude for a little over $500. This interesting timepiece comes with an alarm, it’s solid, it has an iconic shape, comes in three versions.

The point is… you can’t go wrong with this Casioak, especially if you’re wearing it as a daily driver. Beleive me when I say that I get nervouse when I’m wearing anything worth $10K or more on my wrist.

I’m worried it will wear & not look as shiny or god forbid I scratch it or break the crystal. With this rugged yet handsome Casioak G- Shock, you get the best of all worlds, proven reliability, rugged good loks at price that won’t make you cry should you drop it in a blender while mixing Margaritas!



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