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How to choose the most efficient board portal for business?

The boarding process is very complex and multi-layered, both for managers and other participants, but modern technology helps to simplify your task in many ways.

Board portals help in organizing the board, make it easier for participants to interact with each other, and allow you to keep relevant records that will come in handy in the future.

However, when choosing a board portal, you should choose your vendor carefully, as the program should fully meet your requirements and provide quality services.

In this article, Value Pal Nation will tell you how to choose the right advice portal.  

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What is advice management software?

Board portals are business-oriented programs that are used by companies around the world during corporate events and board governance.

Such programs help streamline and automate many processes that used to be done manually, which took a lot of time.

So, now with the help of these programs you can easily schedule a meeting and notify the participants about it, exchange important documents without endangering their safety, or make sure there are no mistakes. 

Board portals provide board members with all the tools they need to have an effective meeting, strategize and work together.

Also worth mentioning is the high level of security of such programs, stores, and shares as well as make changes to documents secure

Major features of quality council portals

Providers of board portals certainly differ from each other offering unique offerings that can be a winner for one company or another, but there is still a foundation that should be present in any quality provider. The list of these features includes: 

  • Scheduling tools – secretaries or managers can pick the best date for a meeting easily and easily, they can use calendars or other automation tools to do so, with which you can notify all board members of an upcoming event without leaving their desks
  • Committee management – with this feature, different board committees can easily communicate with each other
  • Board Member Directory – the directory helps you easily find all the information you need about board and committee members, including their contacts and title
  • Virtual rooms -provide you with a safe space to discuss and collaborate
  • Document Management – upload and organize documents within the program as you please, the administrator is also free to control access to documents
  • Collaboration tools – help you understand each other and do your jobs more effectively, including features like taking notes, commenting, tracking actions and changes, etc. 

How do I choose the right portal for my board?

  • Start with a list of required features – as mentioned earlier the list of features is different for each provider, so you need to decide what features or tools you would like to see first and work from that 


  • User experience should be the focus – make sure that these new technology features will not be a problem for board members and they can easily adapt to the new features, if your team is not that tech-savvy you need to look for a vendor with a simplified interface 


  • Consider how a board portal can help with your strategies and goals -select a vendor that will fit the course of your business, and who can further help you thrive.So, for example, some portals for the Board help your potential partners or customers to switch to a new system more easily.



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