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Is Cyberghost Safe?

Cyberghost VPN is safe. This solution is suitable for those who need powerful protection for their devices. Many reviews, as well as user feedbacks, underpin this statement.

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General Information

Cyberghost is a Bucharest-based company that gains momentum in the VPN industry year by year. Still, due to a comparatively young age of the company, many users may wonder, ‘is Cyberghost safe?’ and ‘is it worth trying?

The answer is yes, and you will understand why after reading about the security features offered by the company.

What to Pay Attention to

The first thing to know about this powerful VPN is that it applies an acknowledged standard of the industry – AES-256 protocol.

Besides, Cyberghost uses other protocols, including L2Tp/IPSec, OpenVPN, and PPTP. The users would be happy to note that a kill switch and DNS leaks protective features are available as well.

While choosing a VPN, it is critical to know that the company follows the no-logs policy. No wonder, as VPNs are mostly bought to ensure user privacy and security.

In the case with Cyberghost VPN, you will not have to worry. The company was launched in Romania which is not a member of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance.

In other words, Cyberghost will not submit the users’ personal information as no legal obligation can force the company to do this.


Summing up, you can see that the key security features of Cyberghost demonstrate its reliability.

The strong sides of this VPN combine the protocols used by Cyberghost, the location of the company, and strict adherence to the zero-logs policy.

Whether you use VPN for torrenting or some financial transactions, Cyberghost is safe.



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