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 Hide my asss VPN’s been in the business for some time, we are here to look at the past and look at the future and see how they align. We hope you enjoy this post by Value Pal Nation.

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All the Pros And Cons in One HideMyAss Review

In this HideMyAss review, we’ll talk about speed, stability, privacy security, the logging policy, and pricing, among other things. Right now, it is one of the most discussed services on the market.

It’s been around for 14 years and has a client base of over 400 million (!) users.

Let us go ahead and talk about every single aspect in more details and see whether this VPN will be a good pick for you or not.

What Do We like About HideMyAss?

First of all, in the long run, it is affordable; plus, the interface is very user-friendly. You’ll make sense of all the features in no time, and the company offers excellent clients and apps for all the major platforms, including Linux.

Add military-great encryption, protection for up to 5 devices, and servers in 280 locations, and you’ll see precisely why it’s one of the leaders.

Top-Notch Encryption

As we just mentioned, HideMyAss is incredibly secure and will be just as great of a pick as NordVPN or ExpressVPN (those two are considered to be the most secure VPNs).

AES 256-bit encryption, along with a line-up of brick-strong protocols (including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and more) will make sure your device is protected 24/7.

Servers Network and Speed

While the list of available servers isn’t particularly big (the users get to choose from 890 servers), they are located in 190 countries (and 280 locations), and that’s excellent news.

Consistency and stability are crucial, especially if you’re planning on torrenting and streaming. With HMA, you’ll be impressed by the performance, both on short- and long-range servers.

Good Choice for Streaming

For streaming, even 10 Mbps is good enough. What’s more important is the VPN’s ability to unblock access to geo-restricted content.

Yes, we’re talking about streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, and their strict laws against users outside of the US (the same is true for BBC iPlayer and UK-based services).

All you‘ll have to do is pick a server, give HideMyAss a second to connect to it, and that’s it!

However, Kodi isn’t compatible with this VPN; the same goes for Amazon’s Firestick and FireTV. But, you can always try to install it directly on the router and enjoy a secure network.

The bottom line is – for streaming, HideMyAss is one of the best offers on the market. It is fast, capable of accessing blocked content, and easy to set up.

HideMyAss Weak Points

According to our experts, HideMyAss is a bad choice for privacy and torrenting. Privacy is a huge concern for modern society, and the fact that HMA is keeping tabs on the clients makes it somewhat useless.

As for torrenting, you’ll still be able to do it, but at your own risk. Let us talk about both aspects in more details right now.

Logging Policy

The biggest downside of this service is the fact that it isn’t 100% private.

First of all, the HQ is located in the UK, a member of the 14-Eyes alliance that monitors user activity online. Second, they log the actual IP addresses of their users, and that can be used by the government(s) in the future.

Connection start/end times and bandwidth are also being logged daily.

For some people, this might be acceptable. But most of us purchase a Virtual Private Network to turn into digital shadows.

If you value your privacy above everything else, we highly recommend taking a look at NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost.

Limited Torrenting Capabilities

You can download and share torrent files with this VPN. However, although P2P is supported, torrenting isn’t, and you might run into some big troubles while using this service.

Furthermore, HMA is known to use throttling against its users. If they catch you violating any copyright laws, your account might be suspended or even banned.

Pricing Plans

Here are the available subscription plans:

Monthly Plan – $9.99

1-Year Plan – $83.88 ($6.99 per month), a 42% discount

2-Year Plan – $119.76 ($4.99 per month), a 58% discount

The monthly plan is costly, but if you’re ready to commit, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the long run. With HideMyAss, you get a 30-day MBG (Money-Back Guarantee).

That means you can cancel your current subscription plan at any time within those 30 days and get a refund. Plus, there’s also a generous 7-day trial. It is 100% free, but unless you cancel the automatic subscription, the company will charge your credit card.

Is HideMyAss a Good Value for Money?

That is it for our HideMyAss VPN review. We went over every single key aspect of the VPN, and now it’s time to give it the final verdict – is it worth the money you spend on it, or not?

The short answer is “Yes, it is.” With stable connection speeds, affordable yearly plans, great streaming capabilities, and top-notch security, HideMyAss is a bargain.

On the other hand, it isn’t particularly private, torrenting won’t be pleasant, and the monthly plan is very expensive. Essentially, it is up to you to decide whether you like what this service is offering or not.



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