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Shoulder Holster Reviews: 10 Top Rated Products

If you haven’t shopped for a shoulder holster in a while there’s been some changes since you last took a look. There’s some new fitment technology that makes carrying concealed or open much easier and much more comfortable and quite honestly much safer.

Don’t just buy something that fits your favorite handgun, utilize our in depth research that we’ve done for you and get a rig that you’ll actually wear with confidence.

Our Top Shoulder Holster Picks 2023

How we chose our top picks

Looking at just one type of holster is not the way to select the best overall option, We consulted a well known firearms intrsuctor on what to look for. Here are the criteria for our choices:

  • Leather shoulder Holster
  • Concealed Carry Holster
  • Leather Holsters
  • Glock Shoulder Holster
  • Did They Have Adjustable Shoulder Straps?
  • Is it a horizontal Shoulder Holster?
  • What about vertical Shoulder Holsters?
  • Universal shoulder Holster

In this shoulder holster review we looked at the construction of the average shoulder holster & looked into models that were better. Was the tried & trues full grain leather best or is it Kydex holsters?

Is a good shoulder holster the one with mag pouches that can carry extra ammo, has a smooth draw, or a double magazine holder that’s fully adjustable with an extra magazine pouch and a shoulder rig with spare magazines?

We will answer all these questions one by one so you can decide for yourself.

Best Shoulder Holsters

A great shoulder holster is one you will wear period! A holstered gun that sits in the safe doesn’t help anything but weapon security. Here are some well made brands to check out:

  • Galco Miami Classic ii
  • Galco Classic Lite
  • Alien Gear
  • IWB holsters

#1. UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster

UTG has been around for quite some time and they’ve made a name for themselves in the reasonably priced holster market.

This unit has a universal fit that’s compatible with most compact to full size pistols and it is fully adjustable and it fits most body types. 

Instead of just the strap, there’s some padding on the shoulder harness which when worn for more than a couple hours gives you plenty of comfort.

There’s also a universal holder with a hook and loop strap which is adjustable for different size pistols with different barrels and lengths. There’s a dual magazine pouch also with a hook and loop closure that  gives you some quick speed reloads and has an inverted dual magazine.

Keeping this unit sturdy is reinforced stitching and seams which also adds protection.

Shoulder Holster Pricing

The average shoulder rig will be around $200. Generally, our favorite is between $150 as of today’s writing with a cheap velcro rig running under $20.

When adding high quality components to like:

  • Belt Hooks
  • Mag Pouches
  • Tie down straps
  • Double Dump Pouch
  • Thumb Strap

Take into consideration each of these items as they can quickly overcomplicate your purchase or leave you wanting more options to suit your needs. Personally, I have a few different holsters depending on what I’m doing. When I’m in a suit I like a compact fit & less frills, no double magazine pouch, no hip holster…just a slim fit vertical carry option with a retention strap.

When I can Open Carry I like vertical holsters because I draw quicker & easier with my bum shoulder.

If you are a gun owner that is going to carry concealed, you need a comfortable shoulder holster! Most shoulder holsters take time to break in an get the adjustments made so the fit is comfortable.

#2. Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

This comfortable carry rig for concealed carry has solved the comfort issue with the new breathable perforated neoprene base.

Based off our tests most people felt that this was the most comfortable as far as fit and daily wear. Even though it’s a simple unit it has versatile carry options.

It has a universal design that fits all pistols of varying sizes from A 38.0 to a 9 millimeter, 40 Cal, 45ACP, you get the idea. TYou can arrange the holster to be a right or left hand draw and it has the benefit of not printing.

We chose this deep concealment holster because it gives you a lot of features for the price of a week’s worth of Starbucks!

By no means is this a holsetr you will have in 10 years, nor does it have unlimited versatility but what it lacks in features it does one thing very well…it comfortably conceals your handgun in a discreet way.

How to Choose the Best Shoulder Holster for You?

First decide which material you like/dislike, for the most part you’re dealing with a leather holster or Nylon.

Yes there are good shoulder holsters made of all kinds of exotic materials but we aren’t looking for the rare (super spendy) model like the Rebel Holster for woman that looks like two Gucci Bags stapped together.

#3. Twod Concealed Carry Shoulder

We like the high quality build that’s made of genuine ballistic nylon, it’s on the straps the holster and on the double accessory pouch, which makes them highly durable.

This unit is lightweight it’s compact and it feels comfortable while wearing.

There are a lot of points of adjustability with this unit and because it has nylon webbing and adjustable telescopic fasteners you can really adjust it for someone that’s larger taller or shorter.

Included is a thumb break which we always enjoy for extra security and it allows for unobstructed fast horizontal draw. This is considered a universal fit unit with plenty of straps and fasteners you’ll be able to adjust it to fit your body type.

If you want more durability with lots of adjustment opportunities, this unit is for you.


Disadvantages of a Shoulder Holster

A major reason range instructors don’t recommend a shoulder holster relates to how you draw your weapon.

From my experience a concealed horizontal holster with the option for a spare magazine carrier seems the most practical…why you may ask?

Picture yourself in an office setting where you wear a suit jacket, a compact handguns with a nylon holster that molds to your body will protect you from printing.

#4. Vertical Gun Holster with Double Magazine Pouch

We like to see it because it’s durable and it’s comfortable, premium nylon material helps it be more wear resistant and it’s thick enough to provide protection from anything that bulges out that could push on your body.

It is considered fully adjustable with its modular design right or left hand usage is always a plus.

Some thin padding on the shoulders help with making it more comfortable as does the elastic straps at the back point.

Take note… these straps are a little bit longer than most of the other units which does help if you’re extra tall. This is considered a one-size-fits-all or in other words it’s a universal fit, not only for different body types but to different handgun sizes lengths and calibers.

Attachments To Consider

Outside of holstering a weapon gun owners shopping for gun holsters need to take into consideration what you’ll need should you utilize all your rounds in one go. Here is a list of popular considerations:

  • Mag pouch – Will you need more than one?
  • Adjustable tension screws- Does your Kydex stecth out in the heat or tighten up in the cold?
  • Two spare magazines – Will you ever need to reload, if so how much?
  • Horizontal carry- Are you able to to quickly & safely draw from this position?
  • Fully adjustable – Do you have a specific body type that restricts movement?

#5. Shoulder Holster for Concealed Carry

Finally we get into a little leather with this PU leather rig.

This premium material-made gun shoulder holster is assembled with high quality PU leather which is pretty waar resistant and thick enough to provide good protection.

This unit has adjustable straps on the shoulders and is adjustable with snap buckles to make a more customized fit.

The shoulder holster has double magazine pouches, many features and a universal fit for multiple types of firearms. Basically it’s a shoulder holster with a double mag pouch that is pretty well tolerated for concealed carry and it’s easy to hide underneath a larger shirt or jacket.

A Story about The Right Holster

I’m 215, 6.2′ and I have long arms, how does this effect my choice…well I’ll tell you? My buddy (much bigger dude) was with me on a security job I held. State law prohibits open carry even with a licensed security pro, so I always used a tight fitting horizontal shoulder holster.

My comrad in arms always used a leather shoulder holster until one night when the leather retention strap broke.

He fely like he was going to drop his piece because the actual holster was worn & not adjustable. I dug through my gear box in the back of the Jeep & had an IWB holster, a miami classic ii, and an alien gear (don’t ask)!

He chose the best shoulder rig I had, it had a dual magazine pouch & luckily had a lot of adjustment points like shapeshift shoulder holsters. Because he is so much bigger, he needed to loosen every strap available just to get through the shift.

Long story short…body type effects what will work & what wont!



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