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VPN for iPhone: What is VPN and how to install it on your mobile device

Value Pal network is sure that the majority of our reader know exactly what is VPN on iPhone, but we’ve decided to make this review of VPN iPhone apps not only of analytical but also of some educational nature.

Therefore, before getting down to describing the best VPN for iPhone, we would like to provide some insight for the VPN newbies regarding how to setup VPN on iPhone and what is VPN on iPhone used for.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Basically, VPN is a virtual connection between the user’s gadget, in our case an iPhone, and a server that can be located in any part of the world.

The location of the server determines which online resources the user will be able to access and at what speed. For instance, if the server is located in the United States, the user, who lives in another country, can unblock the access to this streaming service using VPN.

However, the functionality of VPN on iPhone 6 is not limited to the access unblocking.

The primary purpose of using VPN on iPhone is to mask the users real IP address and encrypt his or her Internet traffic to the extent that no one, neither cyber criminals nor government intelligence agencies, would be capable of tracking down the user’s location, read his/her correspondence or steal any information related to financial operations.

Information about the status of bank account, private correspondence between the user and the banker, and password or any other information that may result in a loss of funds.

This is one of the most important applications of VPN for iPhone, but obviously its use is not limited to banking.

You can use the iPhone VPN to gain the total freedom on the Internet that is not limited by the Internet service provider, legal authorities or even the bandwidth.

The best thing about having a VPN is that you can gain this freedom simply by installing a small app on your iPhone.

Here is a short guide on how to setting up VPN on iPhone.

First of all, you have to download one of the apps from our list of the best VPN for iPhone that you can easily find in the App Store or download it from the official website of the VPN provider.

However, before you are allowed to download VPN for iPhone, you will have to purchase a plan which covers a certain period of VPN on iPhone: one month, six months, one year, five years etc.

Some iPhone VPN services offer free trial periods of various duration, from three to seven days, sometimes even longer.

The trial period will give you a chance to make your own assessment of the iPhone VPN app efficiency and decide whether or not the given provider is worth spending money on. After choosing from the available relative apps selection and downloading the iPhone VPN client, you will have to create the necessary iPhone VPN setup.

In order to do that, you will have to enter the iPhone VPN settings in the downloaded client and choose the suitable security protocol as well as a server, or a group of servers, through which you will be carrying out your online activities.

Using VPN on iPhone in a correct manner is extremely important if you want to have a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience.

So, need to setup VPN on iPhone? Open you VPN app for iPhone, for instance, VPN on iPhone 6, log into your personal account (or create a new one), find the iPhone VPN Setting section and then choose the desired security protocol.

The majority of iPhone VPN settings include L2TP/IPSec, PPTP (used on VPN iPhone 7 or higher), CiscoIPsec etc.

These protocols are mainly required for authentication and password recognition within the VPN network.

A good VPN for iPhone also features such protocol as OpenVPN that utilizes the OpenSSL library to encrypt the incoming/outgoing data and authenticate peers.

The protocols can be set by default or you can choose them manually, depending on the level of your competence, the desired level of encryption as well as the number of protective layers that you want to have when utilizing VPN on iPhone.

The next step is to choose the server, or the group of servers, through which you will be browsing the Internet.

Ale of thumb for the best VPN iPhone experience is to choose the server that is located in a country that is closest to your current place of residence or at least on the same continent.

This doesn’t apply, however, to the situations where you need to unblock the American or the British services, such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer. In that case, you should choose the servers that are located in the respective countries.

That is, basically, all you need to know about how to use VPN on iPhone. After carrying these rather simple setup steps, you’ll have to launch the VPN iPhone client.

Don’t know how to turn on VPN on iPhone? It is simple as pie: all you have to do is hit the big central button located directly on the main panel, and you can surf the Internet absolutely undetected.

The answer to the question, “How to change VPN on iPhone?” is also very straightforward: you can either uninstall the existing VPN client and install the new one or you can install the additional iPhone VPN app.

It won’t pose a challenge for you because by now you should know how to add VPN on iPhone.

However, if you choose to have several VPN iPhone apps at once, you should be aware of the possible conflict that may occur between different types of software.

Besides, having more than one VPN iPhone app installed may slow down your phone’s operating system significantly, so we would advise to pick the most suitable app from our list of the best iPhone VPN applications and stick with it.

This brings us to the next point, which is the review of the best VPN for iPhone apps which are available on the market today.   

The best iPhone VPN apps as of June 2019


The first on our list is ExpressVPN which is not only the best VPN app for iPhone but also one of the most advanced anonymization tools on the market today.

This provider has numerous advantages over the competition. First of all, this iPhone VPN provider is registered on the British Virgin Islands which means that is doesn’t have to comply with any international data retention laws.

Secondly, set up VPN on iPhone is very comprehensible and easy to understand and apply.

You can choose from the plethora of protocols available in this VPN iPhone and set them manually or let the system do it for you.

Although this is not the cheapest iPhone VPN (the price of the monthly service plan is around $7), it is certainly the most efficient solution offered to the users.

Besides, this VPN for iPhone software has an incredibly user-friendly and comprehensible interface that will be understandable even for the first-time user.

The download/upload speed of this best VPN app for iPhone is also incredible, so you can count on the seamless and hassle-free torrenting and streaming experience.


IPVanish is definitely one of the best VPN iPhone that you can buy.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a free trial period but if you decide to purchase at least a 1-month plan, which costs $10, you won’t be disappointed, we can absolutely guarantee that!

So, why is it one of the best VPN for iPhone? First of all, it is suited very well for all devices that run on iOS 8 or higher. Moreover, IPVanish works well on iPads.

What’s also good about this VPN is that it doesn’t have to be turned on manually every time you want to engage is safe browsing.

This VPN iPhone product is designed in a way that this app turns on automatically once it detects an Internet connection. As for the download/upload indexes, IPVanish is definitely in the top echelon. When downloading some content or streaming by the virtue of IPVanish, the overall speed drops as little as 15%, compared to the usual Internet speed, which makes it absolutely the best iPhone VPN.

As for the security, IPVanish has one of the widest range of protocols that encrypt the user data so efficiently, it can be deciphered only by the quantum computer, which is, basically, how the best VPN should operate.

IPVanish also strictly adheres to the no-log keeping policy, so you can be absolutely sure that none of your sensitive information will get into the hands of cyber criminals, government agencies or even you Internet service provider.

All in all, despite the fact that IPVanish in on the more expensive side of things, its superb performance and unparalleled level of data and traffic protection make it the best iPhone VPN application available to users from all over the world.


If your primary purpose of having the best VPN iPhone product is to do plenty of streaming and torrenting, in other words, if speed is one of the most important factors for you, then you should definitely opt for VyprVPN.

While it has certain drawbacks, such as the non-transparent logging policy and questionable refunding process, it will ensure the fastest download/upload speed that you have ever experienced.

Some test show that VyprVPN is almost twice as fast as other VPNs featured in this and many other lists of top VPN iPhone applications. As for the technical side of this app, it supports iOS 9 and higher and features many security protocols which will keep your browsing history out of the prying eyes of intelligence agencies and hackers.

VyprVPN also has one great feature that provides the automatic connection to the best performing available server.

Therefore, you won’t have to sort through dozens of servers, by the way, VyprVPN currently has more than 700 servers available at over 80 locations, so this iPhone app will select the fastest server for you.

The price of monthly plans of this iPhone application range from $5 to $9.95 which can be considered as average for the VPN application of this level.


If the previous VPN is considered one of the fastest, NordVPN is definitely the leader when it comes to provision of security of Internet activity.

It has an enormous amount of servers, 5030 to be precise, as well as the plethora of security protocols which are automatically adjusted to the user’s operating system and the actual purpose of user’s online activity: for instance, should you decide to watch some show on Netflix, it will choose the most efficient US server.

Moreover, NordVPN employs the military-grade AES-256 encryption and the feature called Double VPN, when the encrypted traffic is sent not through one but two VPN servers. Unlike many other iPhone VPN apps, NordVPN offers a free trial period as well as the 30-days money-back guarantee.

This application can’t really boast an incredible download/upload speed though it would be more than sufficient if your online activities doesn’t include the intense use of torrents or frequent streaming.

This iPhone app provider fully adheres to its no-log keeping policies and offers an opportunity to use the variety of alternative payment methods, such as Bitcoin some other cryptocurrencies, so the user doesn’t have to reveal even the slightest bit of his/her personal information when dealing with this VPN service for iPhone.

For your information, if you are looking for a VPN solution that provides the similar level of security but comes at a smaller price per month, then you should take a look at the Avast VPN iPhone app, which we will describe in further reviews.

Iphone VPN app: the bottom line

We have created this brief guide for installing the VPN iPhone product as well as the list of the best solutions available in the market, so you could understand what is VPN iPhone and how important it is to have it installed.

The online world is getting more and more dangerous, and despite the fact the iOS has good security features, it is advisable to have an extra layer of protection in the form of iPhone VPN apps.



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