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Why do I need a VPN for Windows?

Unfortunately, browsing isn’t as safe as it seems: websites gather a lot of personal information including IP address, visited pages and viewed content, and so on.

Some sites block access for users from specific regions by checking their IP. How to resolve these two problems, if you use your personal computer or Windows smartphone for surfing the Net?

With a VPN for Windows, you will overcome these limits. Our researchers at Value Pal Nation have researched these issues.

There are at least five reasons to start using a virtual private network (VPN) right now:

  1. Your privacy and confidential data are kept safe and secure – no third parties can access it.
  2. You can access websites that are blocked in your country.
  3. Free torrenting is allowed.
  4. Fair VPN providers don’t keep browsing logs and do not disclose clients’ information.
  5. You’re free to use different server locations which may improve speed and user experience.

Now let’s observe three popular Windows VPN solutions.

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IPVanish: Reliable and Cheap VPN Windows 10

Offering over 60 server locations, IPVanish features a thoroughly thought interface with intuitive navigation and a wide range of options.

It’s considered to be one of the best VPN for Windows 10 due to the fact it allows for torrenting and other P2P traffic. IPVanish ensures a decent level of protection thanks to 256-bit encryption (many rivals don’t have such feature).

One of the main IPVanish drawbacks is a relatively high price ($4.87/month for a 1-year subscription) and absence of free trial.

NordVPN: Exceptional Security For an Optimal Price

If you need highly reliable and safe VPN software for Windows 10 and earlier versions, opt for NordVPN.

The vendor offers servers in 62 countries and Double VPN protection. The last feature, however, takes a toll on the speed that’s close to average.

NordVPN can be used for torrenting and supports P2P traffic, and it does not keep logs.

As for the price, NordVPN is expensive if you order it for a short term ($11.95 per month VS $4/monthly for a 2-year subscription).

ExpressVPN: Expensive but Efficient

ExpressVPN offers another advanced Windows 10 VPN ExpressVPN.

The user is free to choose from 94 server locations, and the software is jam-packed with great options: multiple VPNs, kill switch technology, and server recommendations. It ensures strong data encryption and allows for torrenting.

There’s only one serious drawback: ExpressVPN isn’t cheap with one month of use worth $12.95.

Even if you order a 1-year subscription, it will cost over $6/month. Please note that ExpressVPN supports only three simultaneous connections.  

How to pick up the best VPN for Windows?

How to select the best VPN software for Windows? Price isn’t the only factor that should be taken into consideration. Before signing up for a service, check out the following:

  • Logs policy (ideally, no logs should be stored).
  • The possibility of torrenting and P2P traffic.
  • Amount of server locations.
  • User reviews (they help to reveal the strong and weak sides of the software).

Keeping these aspects in mind, you’ll order the best Windows VPN to protect your privacy and browsing freedom.



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